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Updated 11/05/2024

Free software downloads - whether you rock & roll, produce dubstep or IDM, house to electronica, progressive to tech - or maybe you're looking for that killer plug-in for your next mix - you have come to the right place! We're sure you'll love the high quality links and resources below.


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Download music software applications, virtual instruments, utilities and VST plugins. Resources included freeware, shareware and demo downloads.
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Software Title   Description
Fission v2.1.3  

Streamlined audio editor.
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

    Edit MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF files with no quality loss
• Quickly split a long audio file into smaller files
• Remove unwanted content, such as commercials, from your audio file
• Create great-sounding MP3 or AAC ringtones for your cell phone.
Cross DJ v2.4  

Control your music with your computer’s keyboard & mouse or with a DJ MIDI controller.
Intel Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz or equivalent - 1 GB RAM

    Because finding the right track to play next is the first concern of a DJ, CROSS DJ is focused on media management and interface simplicity.

Organize and edit your tags and artwork using "info" tab. Create or edit playlists on the fly and auto-mix them if you need to take a breathe from the decks. CROSS DJ also enables you to detect an external hard drive on the fly and start playing tracks from it during your set.

The iTunes integration is also one of CROSS DJ's most unique features: CROSS DJ fully assimilates your iTunes® library allowing instantaneous playlist importation!

•iTunes integration and smart media management
•Compatible with every DJ MIDI controller
•MIDI-mapping to use your own DJ MIDI controller + popular DJ MIDI controller's presets included
•Automatic and Manual loops, locators, auto beat matching…
•Compatible with every soundcard
•Multiple routing modes to accommodate various audio set-ups
•High-end master tempo & hybrid pitch allowing speed change while keeping the original tonal Key (note)
•Multiple recording modes to record your DJ performances or even rip your vinyl records.
Sound Studio 4.6.1  

Audio recording and editing tool with automators.
System Requirements: Intel CPU and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

    Sound Studio is an application for recording and editing audio digitally on your computer.
• 24-bit / 96 kHz sample quality, in stereo or mono.
• Low latency monitoring, using Core Audio.
• Automatic recording starting and stopping based on timers or audio levels (a.k.a. VOX). Editing:
• Sample-accurate edits.
• Markers (a.k.a. Cue Points) with text labels.
• Time ruler with units for video and film.
• Dual waveform view: upper overview shows entire file, lower view shows magnified view of audio.
• Copy-and-paste editing.
• Basic mixing edits.
• Dynamics: Compressor, Expander, and Noise Gate.
• Equalization: Graphic EQ, Low Pass Filter, and High Pass Filter.
• Delay: Chorus, Flanger, Echo, and Reverb.
• Volume: Amplify, Fade In/Out/Special, and Normalize.
• Repair: Interpolate, Silence, DC Offset, and Swap Channels.
• Repair clicks and pops by interpolating samples or silencing them.
• Tone, FM, and noise generators.
• Pitch adjustment.
File Formats:
• AIFF (.aif) and AIFF-C (.aifc) with compression including IMA 4:1.
• AAC and MP3 (importing only).
• Sound Designer II.
• Wave (.wav, PCM only).
• Tab-delimited text (export only).